Only online consultation at the moment (Zoom or other).

Detailed nutritional plan with recipes, grocery list and nutrition data

Initial consultation - 1h

  • Assessment of your health history.

  • Description of the symptoms and potential link to your diet & lifestyle.

  • Clinical research on your case 3h+

  • Bespoke Naturopathic Nutritional plan with recipes + advises on supplement if required.

  • Lifestyle recommendations.


Follow-up consultation - 30min

  • Assessment of the nutritional plan from the initial consultation.

  • Review of the symptoms and condition.

  • Adjust Nutritional plan and supplementation if required.


Consultation package - 12 weeks

  • Initial consultation with all features.

  • 2 follow up consultations.


By booking a consultation, you will need to fill a pre-consultation document reviewing your health history and your nutritional habits.

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