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Hemp seeds - untapped nutritional potential.

Hemp seeds come from the cannabis plant and are the fruits of the plant. Cannabis plants are considered illegal because of their psychotropic effects linked to the THC molecule contained in greater quantities in the leaves and flowers of the plants, yet this plant has rich unsuspected benefits for the body. This small seed, once opened, is edible for humans without the neuroleptic effects that certain parts of the plant can produce.

Hemp seeds, a great source of protein.

Rich in protein - around 30g of protein per 100g, it contains the 9 essential amino acids for the proper functioning of the human body, these amino acids that we cannot produce ourselves and must look for in food. It is important to know that proteins are the essence of the human body creation and functioning. Beyond its publicly known role in building muscle tissue, proteins are essential for metabolism and contribute to the body's enzymatic reactions, hormone receptor/messenger function, immune defences, energy production of the body and many more. Therefore, proteins play an important role in nutrition through their effects in weight regulation and appetite stability.

Hemp seeds and canabis plant
Hemp seeds and canabis plant

The other benefits of hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are rich in:

  • essential fatty acid (omega 6 and 3 ratio 3:1)

  • manganese

  • zinc

  • copper

  • magnesium

  • fibre

  • iron

With a very good omega 6 and 3 ratio (3:1), hemp seeds, like walnuts, is a food that promotes brain health and helps maintain cognitive activity. Recent studies also associate Terpenes, components contained in hemp seeds, with brain health through their anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and anti-carcinogenic properties. Like any food and depending on your digestive system, it is preferable to balance the daily doses to avoid any discomfort and overdose of certain minerals which can be factors of undesirable effects such as: bloating, diarrhoea, nausea. For those reasons, it is better to incorporate hemp seeds gradually in your diet, starting with 1 table spoon and increasing to 3 depending on how you react and your other daily food intake.

You can incorporate hemp seeds in smoothies, in breakfast with an oatmeal preparation or on salads.


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